Lydia Singer- President and Head Lunger

I was raised in Glide, Oregon riding my grandmother's Arabian horses, and any other horse that came my way. I trained and competed in Dressage, English, Western pleasure and trail with my local 4-H club. I was also involved in the USDF Jr. Young Riders program. Horses have always been my passion and drive in life. It followed me to Central Oregon when I moved here in 1999 to attend the COCC massage therapy program. I have had the opportunity to work as a wrangler at Rock Springs Guest Ranch, manage a small private horse ranch where I learned a lot about Polo, and work as a groom at Elevate Sport Horses. Over the years I was given the opportunity to work for and train with talented Dressage trainers such as Racheal Van den Burg, and Diane Van den Burg.

I am thrilled and delighted to be a part of the growing vaulting community here in Central Oregon and have 2 daughters who are passionate vaulters. Thanks to Ruthann’s training and mentoring I have found a new passion in training and lunging our club vaulting horses.  I am thankful that the beautiful sport of vaulting has found a home in our lives and look forward to seeing it grow in our community.   

Kristi Dueber - American Vaulting Association Judge and HMV Mentor/Trainer

We are fortunate to have Kristi Dueber as part of the HMV family. As an active vaulting judge and former competitive vaulter Kristi brings great experience to our club. In addition to managing her local business, Kristi is generously helping to mentor our lungers and coaches as well as providing evaluation and guidance to our vaulters. She is in the process of getting certified as an international judge too. You can visit Kristi's wonderful restuarant, Bad Wolf Bakery & Bistro in downtown Bend!

Kileen Miller- Monthly Guest Coach and Clinician for all classes

I grew up extremely passionate for any and all sports that involved performance and gymnastics. I competed in gymnastics for multiple years before becoming part of a performance team which combined gymnastics, aerial arts, and equestrian vaulting.

During my five years with Defy Gravity Performance, I was able to grow my ability to combine artistry and horsemanship. I have coached gymnastics and aerial arts for seven years and find that these sports provide a foundation for the body mechanics and artistry essential to vaulting.

For the past four years, I have had the pleasure of coaching equestrian vaulting for various teams and levels of kids. I have traveled all around the U.S. to work with world champion vaulters, coaches, and horses, and am currently a Silver level equestrian vaulter.

My favorite part of coaching vaulting is having the opportunity to build positive character and strong athletes. 


Ilka Hosking - Treasure, Canter coach

Ilka and her family have recently moved to their new home on Cline Falls Road and have generously offered to host Hope Mountain Vaulters in their indoor arena. Ilka's daughter Emma previously vaulted with Woodside Vaulters and joined Hope Mountain Vaulters when they relocated to Central Oregon. Their enthusiasm and experience with vaulting has been a great asset to the club. Ilka is at every practice and is growing her skills in coaching, lunging and more in support of the club. 




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