Hope Mountain Vaulters bought Kitty in June 2019 from Story Hill Farms thanks to donations from vaulting families. Kitty is a registered Drum horse: her sire is a Gypsy Vanner and her dam is a Clydesdale. She has been a dressage horse, trail horse and a brood mare. She is a young horse with great movement and a wonderful attitude and she is learning vaulting fast. Vaulters are already doing compulsories and freestyle moves at walk and trot on her. She is a big horse with lots of potential who we hope will carry Hope Mountain Vaulters for years to come in individual and team pursuits!


    Trygg is a Fjord, a Norwegian breed known for their unique mane and tail coloration, their strength and relatively small stature for draft horses. Thanks to the generosity of the Hansen family Trygg has been vaulting with HMV for almost a year and has taken our vaulters to three competitions so far. He is now carrying vaulters at walk, trot and canter. He may be small but he is mighty!


    Coming Soon! Woodside Vaulters has donated their amazing canter horse, Mitch to Hope Mountain Vaulters. Mitch is an Irish Sport Horse who is slowing down from his career as an international team competition horse and providing our club with an opportunity to help beginner canter vaulters grow. He arrives September 30, 2019!