Summer vaulting camp July 8-12 2024, 10am-1pm

Vaulters will learn the foundations of equestrian vaulting, horse safety, sportsmanship and team building. The days will be filled with learning vaulting moves on the barrel , gymnastics drills, practice on the horse, fun team work activities, horse painting and t-shirt tie dying and making new friends! We will have a little show on Friday for parents to come see what their kids have learned.

Cost is $450 for the week. A deposit of $200 at time of registration is due to hold your spot.

Location: 60371 Arnold Market rd Bend Or. Questions? Call 541-420-6487

Vaulters will need to bring a water bottle, sunscreen, lunch, snug fitting leggings and t-shirt, tennis shoes, and be ready to have fun and fall in love with this amazing horse sport.

Welcome to Hope Mountain Vaulters! 

Equestrian vaulting is the art of dance and gymnastics on horseback. At Hope Mountain Vaulters, our goal is to promote a supportive environment to help athletes further develop:

  • Strength, balance and flexibilty 
  • Creativity and self confidence
  • Horsemanship and teamwork

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The "Three Points of Vaulting Safety" is the basis for the sport's superb safety record, and is what differentiates it from other equestrian sports. It directly addresses what research cites as the major factors contributing to equestrian rider injury:

  1. Rider loss of control
  2. Riding environment/suitability of the horse
  3. Rider knowledge about safety

2024 Events


  •  National Show of Langley Canada April 24-28 2024
  • Oregon CVI, USEF Mozart, Devonwood May 7-12 2024
  • Woodside Fest, Woodside CA May31-June 2 2024
  • Summer Vaulting Showcase, Capstone Bend OR July 7 2024
  • Summer Camp, Bend OR July 8-12 2024
  • WestFest, Rancho Murrietta CA Aug 15-18 2024
  • October Fest, Gig Harbor Wa. 5-6 2024